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We, Aase (mother), and Rasmus (adult son), both live in Horsens, Jutland, Denmark, and of cause we therefore are marked that we in Horsens have many rabbit hoppers. We are rabbit hoppers ourselves and we have much fun by training with other hoppers. We have had rabbits since 1993. Over the years we have had many different rabbits. Some have been old and some have died early because of illness. Our oldest rabbit is at the moment Ragout. He is borne in 1995. Our youngest rabbits are kits after him. They are born in the spring 2003. Our rabbits are in their cages in our stable, but now and then we take them in. Mostly we activate them outside at the lawn or in their penitentiary at 100 square metres.

We look after that our rabbits and the kits we sell are in good health. They are purebred and the purchaser can at the parents se how big their rabbits will be. Too many have bought a cute little “dwarf rabbit kit ” in a pet shop and end sup by having a big rabbit at 5 – 6 kg. If it happens to anybody they are more inclined to give up having a rabbit. If you get a good rabbit in the size you want fewer will give up the rabbit.

Rasmus and Aase are members of The Rabbit Breeding Club of Horsens and Surrounding and with that we are also members of the Rabbit Breeding Organization of Denmark (DK).


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